Once Upon a Time

By Clifford Meier
February 6th, 2005


Once upon a time in Colorado
(A history of the game!)


Once upon a time Red Rider
acting much like a Spider,
by going soo sloow
he stole the show!

But then a new year
and for all to cheer...
along came Hermit
with his can of beer!

Oh my ... tank trim to boot
on his little black scoot,
with a fat tire so wide
he was able to glide

With his lack of motion,
he gave us the notion
that his little Black sled
was really quite red.

He stole the cheer
from those so near,
Red Rider soo sloow
no longer owns this show.

This year we hear
there is no Hermit to cheer,
so will Red reclaim
the title of fame?

Who will win the race
Super Slow with no pace?
You must be ready to cheer,
once July gets here.

We will wait till then
to see who will win,
make your plans now
to see who takes this bow.


We hope to see you in Colorado next July!
Let the games begin ...

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