The Legend Begins

By Clifford Meier
November 11th, 2003


There were comments on the VTXOA board about having a little get together of fellow Xers for a ride. Our local visionary George (GnA) posted a simple comment or two and suggested Colorado. We are centrally located, have a great selection of roads and some of the best scenery anywhere. Why not come to Colorado and join us for a ride?

It wasnít long before the ball was rolling. Ideas were flowing, we were planning routes, games, and having no experience in an event like this, it was just a matter of instinct, hope, guess and by golly. The toughest part of planning the event was to test every ride.

Every weekend we were forced to ride all the roads available, we even had to take a day or two off of work to ride. It is a tough job, but someone had to do it, and the Colorado VTX Riders rose to the challenge.

It had been a late spring with rains and cooler than normal temperature. The rain had stopped the week before the event and left it perfect for our visitors. The fields were green and the mountain peaks were still white with snow.

July 3rd found us at the La Quinta Inn greeting our arriving guests. Meeting new friends and old, we spent the afternoon in the courtyard telling tales only heard at a bikerís event. As I recall Dave (BadaBing) blew a bit of smoke before our evening at the Trail Dust Steak house, where we had reservations for 60 or so. Great food, great friends new and old. We even watched George gets a paint job to match his bike. A fun time had by all.

July 4th we had scheduled three separate morning rides. The southern ride led by Dennis (Red Rider) rode through Garden of the Gods, George and Andrea (GnA) led the mountain ride to Mount Evans, while Cliff and Carol led the western ride to Breckenridge.

In the early afternoon the bike games got underway. We had the slow bike race where Red Rider won his new handle and will forever be known as the Super Slow Red Rider. No surprise here, the X is RED after all. Next came the weenie bite, and a balloon tossing contest, where the kids young and old gave it a try. Several tried to win the weenie bite but there was no doubt when Trapper and Teenie made the run. We all witnessed a perfect bite.  I donít think anyone won the balloon toss. I just remember it being so hot on the asphalt that it turned into a water fight. The next item on the agenda was the BBQ catered by Bennett's BBQ. The food was great for those in the line before Big Larry, as there wasnít much left behind him.

July 5th we left the La Quinta, picking up some of the southern riders at the Pikes Peak overlook on I-25 and from there it was 106 roaring bikes out the highway to the Royal Gorge. What a sight that was to see with 106 bikes going over the bridge, and Carol says the roar in the canyon was deafening from her photo point on the far side of the gorge. We headed into Cripple Creek, on to Woodland Park, and the infamous horse power hill that our visitors will talk about for years to come.

July 6th found us heading to Estes Park. This route gave our visitors an excellent mountain view with a hair pin curve here and there just for fun. We ate lunch at the brewery were some decided to continue on to Trail Ridge Road and others headed back to the hotel. This evening was spent saying good bye to friends before their long ride home.

The event was a big success. We had 140 or so bikes from 30 states with only a few mishaps. An elk was found in a headlight, CSP sent a ticket home to Arkansas, and a corner was taken a bit outside. We made friends that will last for many years to come.

Until we ride againÖ.